• Heavy metal, Toxic metal, trace metal & metal speciation  By ICP-MS up to PPT level (e.g. Ag, Cd, Cr, Ar, Pb, Hg, Fe, Cu, Mo, Ni, and Se, Tin, Zn cr + 3, cr + 6, Fe + 3 & others)
  • Cyanide By IC
  • VOC: Volatile organic compound by GCMS- PURGE & TRAPE
  • Anion testing By IC – (e.g. Cl, f, So4, Po4, No3, No2, I, Br)
  • Cation Testing by MP-AES & IC ( e.g-Al,Ba,Ca, Mg, Mn, Na, K & Others)
  • Pesticide Testing by GCMS in water: (e.g. – Organo Chlorine & Other type) Trihalomethanes & other VOCs compound
  • General Chemical test (e.g. Taste, Odor, pH, Total dissolve solid, suspended solid, Total Alkalinity, Total Hardness)